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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 11, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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activists. a live update on the confrontation brewing right now. security is tight at at&t park. why the ballpark may look more like october than april. and the goldman awards in san francisco happening right now. it is monday, april 11th. hello i'm heather holmes. welcome to bay area news at 7:00. it is happen right now protesters are taking over a vacant building in san francisco to draw attention to what they say is a housing crisis in the city. it is the top story at 7:00. amber lee is live with continuing coverage of this developing story. amber? >> referree: we want to show you what is going on right now.
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the -- the people are in front of the building that is now being occupied by the homeless and their supporters. seven homeless people have been staying here as of last night. we want to show you the banners that were hung by on the second floor of this four-story building. if building is owned by kaiser permanente and has been vacant for at least three years. the lack of adequate housing and the ratio of empty, vacant housing to people in need of housing in the city and county of san francisco is a human rights crime. >> referree: the takeover started with a rally at golden gate park than banded. 200 people marched a mile to the vacant building. >> and we do public demonstrations to draw
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awareness to why it is we choose to squat and the system that creates the kind of inequity that causes some folks to have more resources than they can possibly use. >> referree: police have told the folks here they can't enter the building and those already inside if they come out they won't be allowed back in. so far no arrests. police are taking a wait and see attitude until they hear from kaiser. we contacted kaiser and we have not received an official statement from them yet. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, bay area news at 7:00. in the next 15 minutes, the san francisco giants begin the first of three home games against the dodgers and security is the top concern. this is the first time l.a. has visited san francisco since bryan stow was attacked by two men in dodgers gear. the police promised a strong
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presence at the game to try to prevent retaliation. they have increased security to the level of a post-season game. >> the dodgers in town and in view of what happened last week you have to consider that as part of the overall equation. >> referree: stokes co-workers are going to collect funds for him. in los angeles dodger fans showed up at their own ballpark to help paramedic bryan stow. volunteers from the dodgers and american medical response staged a fundraiser. tommy lasorda donated $5,000 to the cause. the fundraiser brought in $61,000 which will be placed in a trust fund for stow and his two ching children. jurors in the barry bonds trial have finished their
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second day of deliberation without a verdict. they listened to a transcription of the testimony from kathy hoskins. she said she saw bonds' trainer greg anderson inject bonds with something that he said was undetectable. one of the charges is that he said that no one except his doctors gave him injections. the japanese government raised the nuclear crisis alert level to 7 making the situation at the fukushima power plant equivalent to chernobyl. that follows a powerful aftershock. it is blamed for at least one death. it hit one month after the initial 9.0 quake. it also knocked out cooling at the fukushima plant for an hour today and the government has expanded the evacuation zone
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around the plant because of concerns of radiation exposure. the goldman award is the most prestigious of its kind. our jana is there. >> referree: everyone just made their way to city hall for a reception to honor the prize rainers and honor the memory of the late richard goldman. it's the biggest show of the year for environmental activists around the year. and they came to honor the prize winners and the founders of the prize. >> it falls on my generation and we see our purpose as continuing it. >> referree: it honors six
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grass roots environmental activists. one is is a california resident. >> lived in california for 20 years and helped to educate me on a fact that you don't have to live in a community where you live in a community that smells foul. >> referree: ursula created one of the first green energy power cooperatives and worked to save black rhinos. and this man helped local farmers battle for farmer rights. and this russian helped to protect whales. each receives $150,000 cash. >> is it a huge inspiration for the next work for the next achievements. >> referree: and i goldman would have been proud to see this 2011 ceremony continue to touch so many people.
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he passed away five months ago at the age of 90. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. to learn more about the winners go to our website, and psychological down to the web links section. police at the university of california berkeley released a sketch today said to resemble a man who sexually assaulted a woman on campus. the victim described her assailant as a white man in his 20s about 5'7" wearing blue overalls a green sweatshirt and a dark tight fitting cap with a small brim. police say they aren't sure if the assault is linked to another incident that happened an hour earlier. now to concord with the coroner identified a man who was stabbed to death outside a fast food restaurant. 20-year-old richard gill yam of concord was found suffering from a stab wound yesterday afternoon in the parking lot of
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a burger king. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police arrested a suspect who was identified by witnesses. there is no word on a motive. a reckless driver led police on a high-speed chase on the peninsula today. it started in san mateo and ended in burlingame. it started at 9:00 this morning when police received reports of an suv weaving in and out of traffic. the police tried to get the driver to pull over but he wouldn't stop. it ended at the intersection of lincoln and elka me no avenue in burlingame. now to danville where police tell us they are wrapping up an embezzlement investigation at a catholic church. as rob roth reports we learned that the amount runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> referree: after a six-month
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investigation of embezzlement here, the danville police chief expects investigators to turn the case over to the district attorney this week. sources tell channel 2 multiple people appear to be involve in a complex scheme that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars of church donations over several years. and one of the central figures  in the administration is a trusted former church employee who worked in the office. we are not revealing that person's name because no charges have been filed. but most members of the church know who it is. >> she was great. and you would never think that would be happening with her. >> referree: channel 2 first reported on the alleged embezzlement in september. that -- that is when the church officials contacted the authorities. father gerald moran said it
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includes forging signatures, emproper electronic fund transfers. >> i feel sorry for that person. but it doesn't do anything to me as far as my faith. >> stealing from you know, anything especially a church, god. i mean, the fear of god alone. >> the police chief told me that those involved in the embezzlement used the money not for charity but for personal use and the church had no safeguards in place so nothing like this happens again. in danville, rob roth, bay area news at 7:00. the utilities commission heard arguments on going pg&e hundreds of thousands of dollars. we learned that pg&e agreed to the amount and that it would pay $3 million in the case of future infractions for
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missioning the delivery of other documents. but some say the penalty is too lenient. no word on when the commissioners will vote. in fremont the park rangers are taking steps to control the population of canada geatian. rangers are reportedly taking goose eggs from nests and dipping them in corn oil and return the eggs to the nest so the mother doesn't lay more. the park district is concerned about the geese droppings. >> the droppings they leave in the pathwayings and their droppings are very large. and tearing up the lawns. distracting some of the fishermen. >> many bay area cities are dealing with growing numbers of the birds. the population has grown in the bay area due to an abundance of food and nesting sources.
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a pest found in south bay bug traps has grape growers concerned. the actions they are taking. what's your tipping point? some bay area commuters are thinking twice about driving in their cars. the classic spring weather pattern with winds and cooler temperatures and sprinkles in your neighborhood. i'll tell you what cities could see showers.
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highway 92 is now open. a big rig was carrying a load of gravel and overturned at 8:15 spilling the cargo on the westbound lane. the driver was injured be we don't have any word on how seriously and it is not clear what caused the accident.
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a federal appeals court ruled that mark zuckerberg's former harvard classmates can not undo their settlement. the twins agreed to a settlement of $20 million and partial ownership of facebook back in 2008. they claimed later that the deal underestimated the value. the court ruled that the twins were savvy enough to understand their agreement at the time. the dispute was the basis for the film the social network. on wall street stocked traded in a narrow range and finished flat. the dow gained one point and the nasdaq lost eight after the international monetary fund lowered its estimate for u.s. economic growth. earnings season is off to a discouraging start as alcoa posted results that did not
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meet forecasts. sales fell short of $6 billion. analysts predicted more than $6 billion. the shares are off 3.5% in after hour tradings. the gas prices continue to climb with bay area averages at or near $4.20 a gallon. san francisco is now averaging $4.21 a gallon, the highest in the nation. that is also $0.22 higher than one month ago and about a dollar higher than this time last year. our jim vargas looks at it closer. >> referree: the demand for gas has taken a fall. some people in the bay area are thinking of ways to save by not driving. >> trying to only drive during the week and use the bike on the weekend. >> referree: but most can't do much about their driving needs. >> my husband drives for work.
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>> referree: vehicle traffic has fallen by one-half percent on the bridges. a better job market may be contributing to public transit ridership. >> gas prices are a factor but the biggest thing is do you have a job to get to? >> referree: triple-a says many people have psychological tipping points. >> sometimes it is $3.50 and sometimes it is $4 a gallon. >> referree: increased employment has something to do with increases in ridership of the fors and buses which are about to say fare increases. but traffic on the golden gate bridge has been increasing of late too. triple-a says expect to see higher gas prices for the summer. but we may see more summer reach that tipping point. in berkeley, jim vargas, ktvu
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channel 2 news. san francisco fire investigators say two big rigs in the city last week both appeared to have started accidentally. fire officials say that one started in a trash compacter in the basement. investigators say the flames spread through the garbage chute. 22 people were injured and caused $1 million in damage. and a three-alarm fire on wednesday started accidentally in a third-floor apartment. the fire spread to the attic and two adjacent buildings. one firefighter sustained a back injury when he fell off a ladder. more than a dozen residents were displaced. medical marijuana clubs joined forces with labor unions to fend off a measure that could devastate their business. they formed the cannabis coalition saying that they plan
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to confront the city council tomorrow. they are against a proposal to auction off business licenses to just ten clubs. they say unionizing will legitimize the industry. as early as tomorrow scholar are county grape growers could start spraying their vineyards for european grapevine moths. this pest tunnels through and feeds on the grapes allowing mold and mildew to set in. five growers are affected. the owners of jason stevens winery have purchased an insecticide sprayer. >> the wineries won't accept the fruit if it has degradation or a lot of moths or worms in it. the fruit has to be really clean. >> if i don't have grapes coming in and we lose it to the moth i'm in trouble.
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>> referree: tomorrow county agricultural officials will consult with homeowners who have small vineyards on how to get rid of the pests. dog owners gathered to speak out against a plan to greatly reduce the off leash areas at some of the city parks. the rally proceeded a board of supervisors committee meeting where they answered questions about the plan which is meant to protect wildlife. the plan would require dogs to be on leashes at three parks. the national park service extended the public comment period on the plan until may 30th. the sounds of fish and arcade fire will fill the arcade park in august. the organizers released the line-up for the event. scheduled to perform are mousse and dead mouse five. the old 97s and big audio
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dynamite. the next round of tickets goes on thursday. the festival is august 12-14 in golden gate park. turns out one ground- breaking waste program is not a waste at all. and it looks like only parts of the bay area see the return of wet weather tomorrow. bill martin tells us where you will see it -- where are you will most likely see it.
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a report released today claims that san francisco's composting law has offset carbon emissions recology estimates that san francisco residents have composted 900,000 tons of food scraps and compostable material since the law took effect two years ago and the city's carbon emissions have been reduced enough to offset the traffic crossing the bay bridge in a two-year period. let's talk about impressive and that is the weather. it was nice today. >> and i think tomorrow will be nicer. >> good. >> the temperatures in the low 60s. tomorrow mid-60s. and wednesday maybe a chance for sprinkles.
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let's head outside. you can see cloud cover out there. the springtime, what happens is the jet stream starts to go north and as it does it weakens. we are seeing the longer dray dayes and -- and the jet stream is staying north and the systems that come in they don't have a lot of pop not like in february and march. tonight it is partly cloudy and cool. tuesday we are looking at partly sunny and mild in the mid-60s. and we have clouds and mild through the weekend. the overnight low is cool like last night. you are seeing the frost in the inlandon bay valleys. maybe around forestville. 39 in santa rosa. in the pacific lies this weather system i'm tracking. it is not significant at all. the main significance is it changes things around here in terms of temperature. today was a nice day. tomorrow is nicer and the system rolls in with a chance of showers wednesday mid- morning. mostly cloudy in the main
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impact is the clouds. the breezy conditions and the cooler daytime highs. the computer model bears this out. tonight at 7:00 and through tomorrow not a bad day. the rain still north into tuesday morning, as too afternoon and fuse evening here it comes with showers up around fall river up in northeast california. and here we go. wednesday morning, sprinkles. it's not a big deal. i would not cancel my plans if i had outdoor work endeavor or a p.e. class that wanted to do the mile it looks like the weather will be a fly-by system with not a lot going on. out of here by wednesday at noontime and then we clear out. on thursday morning, it will be cool with the temperatures and maybe frost. 62346 vallejo. a five-day forecast looks like this. with your weekend always in view we are looking at temperatures to warm up as we head to the bay area weekend. the next run made by
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olympia gold medalist made by carl lose its may be a political one. he plans to run for the new jersey state senate next year. he will run as a democrat in the district that is heavily republican. he is a member of the u.s. track and field hall of fame. among the first steps he took to run is registering to vote. tmz is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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